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About Us

About us:

Pinnacle Wall Systems has been rapidly grown into the preferred drywall and plastering company for many general contractors in the Minneapolis / St Paul area and beyond.  Our customer base of general contractors is constantly growing.  The company is owned by Brandon Hager and Jack Mulcahy.  We strive to create the best work environment for our employees, in the office and in the field.  Our industry can be difficult at times, but we will gladly accept any challenge.  Our company takes pride in every project we complete, large and small.  Brandon and Jack starting working together in 2007 for another drywall / plastering company in the area.  We have always had the same philosophy about the industry.  In 2011, it was determined by the both of us that we needed to have our own company and put the best practices to work.  The company was officially launched at the beginning of 2012 and made a quick track record of exceeding goals put forth by significant amounts, which made it easy to build business relationships with the behind-the-scene people such as, bankers, insurance companies, bonding companies, material suppliers, tool suppliers, and many others along the way.  Nothing is more telling of what a general contractor thinks of us than working with us on their next project, which most of our work is repeat business.  We are constantly evaluating where we are, what we are doing, and how we can do it better.



Brandon Hager

Brandon has been around construction all of his life.  His father, grandfather, and several uncles have been in commercial construction, specifically all union carpenters in the drywall industry.  Other than the projects he helped his father with while young, he starting a job framing houses during the summers at age 16 and 17, working other jobs during the school year.  Out of high school, he went to Dunwoody College of Technology, graduating in 2002, working in construction during the time going to school.  After Dunwoody, he went to work for one of the larger drywall companies in the Twin Cities area that his father worked many years at.  He quickly caught onto the estimating and project managing side of things with smaller projects, moving into the larger projects.  He worked for a couple different companies prior to starting Pinnacle, trying to apply the good traits of each company and leaving the negatives behind, learning a lot and building a lot of relationships along the way.

Outside of work, Brandon lives in Forest Lake, MN with his wife and 3 boys.  Brandon enjoys going to the cabin in Siren, Wisconsin.  While there, he enjoys all of the outdoor activities including fishing, recreational boating, snowmobiling in the winter, and many others.


Jack Mulcahy